and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and insolvency provide a unique set of circumstances for both individuals and companies, including debtors, creditors, liquidators, administrations and other relevant stakeholders. Our legal advisors are experienced litigators and have provided legal advice and representation to a range of parties embroiled in legal disputes where bankruptcy and insolvency are involved, including, for example:

  • representing creditors with the preparation and service of statutory demand notices on defaulting debtors;
  • commencing court actions on behalf of creditors with the intention of winding up defaulting debtors;
  • acting for liquidators in the issuing of summonses for the public examination of directors and other relevant parties of insolvent corporations;
  • acting for clients faced with possible bankruptcy or insolvent circumstances;
  • obtaining judgments for significant monetary debts from Local, District and Supreme Courts;
  • commencing bankruptcy proceedings;
  • enforcing judgments through the sale of property by the Sheriff and the garnishing of wages;
  • defending and prosecuting court proceedings for the recovery of monies;
  • defending liquidators ‘unfair preference’ claims;
  • obtaining orders for the garnishing of wages.

Please contact our attorneys if you require legal assistance or advice on your particular circumstances.

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